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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  July 19, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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american ike kaveladze was linked to a money laundering scream. >> cnn has learned ike kaveladze was the eighth person in the meeting at trump tower last summer with donald trump jr., jared kushner, and paul manafort. at first, we were only told that it was those three and the russian lawyer but now this man's attorney has confirmed to us that he was there in the meeting, they said he went to the meeting thinking he was going to be a translator for the russian attorney who was meeting with trump jr. now, that's the russian attorney who trump jr. believed to be a russian government lawyer who had incriminating information on hillary clinton. now we've learned this man was also in the meeting. this is a person who former senator levin says was involved in a money laundering scheme back in the early 2000s, though he was never charged or accused of wrong doing and says he
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didn't do anything wrong, he was under investigation for this at that time so that's what we've learned about him. this is a man who's a naturalized american citizen that worked for a russian real estate company. we'll learned that special counsel bob mueller is looking into this meeting and his investigators have reached out to this man through his attorney and said they would like to meet with him, his attorney has said he is willing to cooperate with them. >> thank you very much. joining us to discuss that and more, cnn military and diplomatic analyst, rear admiral john kirby and cnn global affairs analyst david rode. let's begin on that, carl levin, former lawmaker, posted about this on facebook and explained the context. that he and the government accountability office have been fighting for some time, david, on trying to stop this from happening, people setting up these u.s. bank accounts and pushing money through united states accounts without any
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transparency on who those folks are and the eighth man in that meeting with jared kushner and donald trump jr. is known to have set up 2000 u.s. corporations and bank accounts to do exactly that -- to push, according to carl levin, $1.4 billion through those. big deal? david, can you hear me? >> yes, i can, sorry. >> did you hear the question? >> i do not, i'm sorry. >> okay, rear admiral john kirby, did you hear that? >> yeah, i did, poppy. i'm not an expert on money laundering but this is a big deal and when you have somebody with the prominence of carl levin coming out and putting context behind this man's activities, we ought to pay attention to that. this whole thing if you take ten steps back and look at the space of information coming out about this meeting and russian
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activities in general it demonstrates the degree to which the russian government under putin is trying to understand mine western liberal democracy, also trying to undermine our own system of government in the united states and reach this level of parity he wants to reach globally and in the west. >> >> admiral, money laundering is a serious issue but it's not really about money laundering now that these questions are being raised, it's the idea there is a guy who may be an unsavory character at the table with the son of the future president of the united states and his entire senior campaign staff factally then enough russian american lobbyist, then you have this russian lawyer who seems to be sent by someone with damaging information about, it's a very odd gathering. >> it is, john, i'm less worried -- and i don't mean to make this sound light. i'm less worried about the unsavory character as i am the intent behind the meeting
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itself. we cannot forget what motivated them to take this meeting was an idea that they were going to get dirt from the russians to use against the clinton camp and that is unethical to an extreme, that's the most bothering thing about this. if you're going into a meeting like this and you know it's being pushed by the russian government itself, you have to assume -- at least i hope you would assume -- that you're going to meet with russians who had a checkered past. >> i think you look into who are these people coming to trump tower to meet with even the chairman of the campaign at the time, paul manafort. david rode, we can hear you, i hear, very crisply now. on top of the lack of transparency about the meeting, who was in it, what was discussed, all of that, a lack of transparency from the president and the white house about this second meeting with president putin at the g20, today a cnn official said the meeting lasted for an hour. concerning? >> it is. there's a poll out that shows
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52% of registered american voters think the meeting in trump tower, donald jr. with the russian lawyer was inappropriate then you have this undisclosed meeting with putin and trump at the g20. i think it -- again, we don't want to trust polls, we know that from the 2016 election, but this drum beet of a lack of disclosure i think it does damage the president's credibility over time, not with his base but with independents and this is a stretch but i think it's hurting him somewhat in congress because it's so unpredictable. a news story evidence and there is no clear evidence of collision but if the white house would disclose these meetings openly they would be much smaller stories. >> admiral kirby owe know more than a little about diplomatic protocol and you have concerns about the fact that there was no u.s. translator involved or any other u.s. person involved in this second meeting. what are you specific concerns?
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>> number one, there was no to help support the president or back him up on whatever was discussed. number two, we'll never know what was discussed because the only transcript will be a russian transcript because they had a translator there who i guarantee you was taking copious notes as he or she translated the language. number three, because it was only a russian translator and we didn't have a u.s. translator we don't know what trump said to putin and, more importantly, john, we don't know what putin heard because we don't know what was translated. the translation from english to russian is difficult. russian is a difficult language, nuance matters a lot in this. not that i'm a linguist but it matters and we'll have no record of not only what was said on our end but how it was received on putin's end. >> if you were some of the top national security advisers, david rode, sitting around the president right now, what are you saying? >> disclose. it's a -- this is a distraction, he's got huge domestic issues,
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there were just new sanctions against iran so this is a distraction for the national security staff. there could be no collusion here and these are self-inflicted wounds going back to firing comey. they are not making clear what communications have happened in the past with russians. >> let's note that rupert murdoch owned "wall street journal" which i don't think believes there was collusion is calling for complete and utter and full transparency right down to the president's tax returns in some cases, even defenders of the president would like to see more. david rohde, admiral john kirby, thank you for being with us. now to the health care fight. today all the republican senators are invited to the white house for lunch and this is no party. this is a last-ditch effort to try to get those outstanding members on board, switch them to a yes vote on a full repeal about obamacare.
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>> i want to get the mj lee live on capitol hill. is this thing dead or what and has anyone told the president? >> well, thanks to twitter, john, we often get insight into president trump's mood these days and it's clear he is definitely frustrated, keep in mind, this is a president who believed that repealing obamacare would be quick. he believed repealing obamacare would be easy and now six months into his presidency he is seeing potentially his big campaign promise slipping away. keep in mind the latest strategy in the senate is to try to have a vote on the repeal and delay bill from 2015, matsch, the senate majority leader announced this last night and made it clear this was at the request of the president something the president wanted that he is not willing to let go and he wants to see a vote happen next week, this is obviously why we are seeing senate republicans go to the white house for a lunch
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meeting. the president will likely try to sit them down and win them over. mcconnell does not have the votes yet and trump tweed about 2 meeting earlier this morning. he said "i will be having lunch with republican senators krj health care. they must keep their promise to america." i'll tell you right now there is plenty of skepticism that enough can happen in the next couple days to win over enough senate republicans to try to save this last-ditch effort from senator mcconnell and from president trump i asked senator john cornyn yesterday what needs to happen and the only thing he would say is a little passage of time so we'll see if time is what the republicans need to get this bill moving forward. john and poppy? >> mj lee, stay tuned for that lunch coming up. thanks so much. in the meantime, a new trump in the investigative spotlight. house democrats questioning ivanka trump's security clearance. why? we'll speak to a key democratic lawmaker next. >> plus, after more than eight
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years behind bar, o.j. simpson could walk free this week. we're on it. and governor chris christie strikes out with fans during a mets game. >> left-handed catch!
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so president trump under scrutiny again over a previously undisclosed meeting he hammed with vladimir putin on the sidelines of the g20. it lasted about an hour. >> president trump is already trying to down play the conversation. this is what he said in a statement "fake news story of secret dinner with putin is sick. all g20 spouses were invited by the chancellor of germany. press knew." no one is saying we didn't know he was at dinner. everyone did know he was at dinner. no one knew he had a nearly hour-long meeting with vladimir putin at said dinner. let's discuss with political commentators errol louis, hilary rosen. errol, is this much ado about nothing or some ado about something? >> it's some ado about
7:15 am
something. there was no american there. there was no national security aide or secretary of state not even a translator so we don't have u.s. notes about what transpired in the conversation. we also have a history of donald trump in the oval office and other occasions talking too freely about national security matters in ways that damage or salt of alter the posture of the united states with regard to other countries, including our adversaries so people have reason to be worried and when the president reacts with sort of scorn and a half-truthful statement about how, you know, well, everybody knew i was there, that's not even the issue, of course, it makes you wonder and people have very good reason to worry, i think. >> margaret, what is the president trying to do here? errol is right. his statement, his response blaming the media, et cetera, was off point. that's not the point being made about the concern. what's he trying to do? >> it's defensive in the way they going about doing it adds to the drip drip drip. the criticisms of the clintons
7:16 am
in all things was that they weren't forthcoming or transparent about the information which fed the narrative that maybe there was reinforces, against the context of the russia investigation, the revelations about his son's e-mails to then not reveal you had an hour long conversation after a tense two hour summit with tillerson, it brings more questions than answers. >> when's the last time i had a conversation with anybody? >> you this morning. >> besides me, someone you wanted to talk to. you know, it doesn't happen very often. hilary rosen, i want to talk about a separate subject on russia. we'll get into it but democratic lawmakers writing this letter asking to know whether ivanka trump's security clearance is valid and whether she filled out the forms correctly. do you think this is overreach? going down a list of trump family members trying to probe every which one?
7:17 am
>> i do think this question of can this white house, can these people be trusted with the secrets of the nation is a legitimate question to ask. you know, i would focus more on jared and on the president and others who were known to be in these meetings with russians so i'm less concerns about this. there are other issues with ivanka trump. but i find the problem here really is a bigger picture problem which is that this president doesn't feel account to believe the american people. in the most astounding ways. so the fact that he doesn't even want to discuss why he might have had a conversation with vladimir putin for an hour, that he doesn't think anyone is entitled to know, that's the more troubling thing. the security clearances follow that, the fact that donald trump jr. and jared kushner didn't disclose the meetings because they just don't really think we're entitled to know anything
7:18 am
about what they do and how they operate and i think that over the long term is the most troubling. and when you contrast that with barack obama's transparency over the last several years and his successes like just this week, it's gotten no attention, but donald trump for a year attacked the iran nuclear agreement as the worst agreement ever, he couldn't wait to tear it up. what did he do this week? he validated it. he said, oh, yes, iran is keeping its word so we'll keep going there. there's no rationale here for why donald trump act this is way with the american people. >> because they're mandated to do that under the agreement every 90 days by congress. i don't think he would have offered it up but i hear your point. to you, margaret, you can run a private organization that is not public like the trump organization just that way, no one has to know, you don't have to answer to anyone, maybe your board, not your shareholders because you don't have them. is this this president thinking
7:19 am
it is the same when it's so drastically different? >> it certainly seems that way. to be very successful in new york real estate you don't have to know lots about world affairs, you don't have to know lots about corporations or governments or how they work. you have to have a lot of capital and a lot of cunning and donald trump has both of those things but no experience with transparency or, frankly, communicating with hair have holders, even. his shareholders are his family members so this is the last time i want to hear about how a private businessman is going to be better in government, period. >> nice segue. there's a big luncheon at the white house today where the president will be dining with 52 republican senators right now and i'm not sure how happy they are with each other errol louis. and the president in a tweet said the senate health care bill, the republican health care bill is going to get better at lunch. this was a bill i thought was dead. i thought the repeal and replace
7:20 am
effort was dead, i thought the repeal only effort was dead, the president said it's going to get better at lunch today. does he know what's going listen to? >> well, as has been famously written the power of the presidency is the power to persuade so he's going to persuade but he can't do much more than that. congress has their own dynamic, the senators have their own differences. the differences might have been sharpened, there may have been some score settling or infighting going on. there's a whole election cycle that a third of the members have to worry about but i don't know if the president is going to give them a pep talk and come out of there with a compromise they were able to get on their own. >> is this like giving the falcons a pep talk after the super bowl? >> remember, health care was dead in the house of representatives, guys, remember? and then they said okay, we're pull it on the back burner and what happene? they came back three to six weeks later and passed it. donald trump is, again, new to
7:21 am
government. >> they ran away from it. >> but then they passed it. so who's to say they're not able to resurrect lazarus. >> that's an important point. the senators see donald trump called those house members mean. you don't think that will be in ads for the next two years after they pass that bill. >> none of this is politics as normal. >> i think those house members also knew this was going to change dramatically in the senate and they were banking on it. going back to them, hillary as a democrat you have joe manchin, a democrat, could be helpful to this president making calls around. is it time for democrats to see this as an opportunity to jump in more, to do more? >> you saw the democratic leadership yesterday saying now it's time to scrap your ideological and partisan approach and try to work together to save this. i was disappointed to see the president say our choice now is to let obamacare fail and let the democrats clean it up but when you say let's let a health
7:22 am
care program that is ensuring millions and millions of people, that is giving people access to doctors and say let it fail, it seems the height of irresponsibility. so it is possible that republicans and democrats will start to work behind the scenes to shore up the exchanges and to do the things that need to be done. on the other hand, that's going to require leadership. >> hillary, your friend senator chuck schumer is speaking about this very thing on the senate floor. let's listen. >> we've proposed a bill by senator shaheen that would guarantee the premium reduction payments that insurers say is the number-one thing we could do right now to stabilize the individual marketplace. second, we've proposed a bill by senators carper and tim kaine that would create a reinsurance program that would create a program for the individual health insurance market, again, aimed at stabilizing the marketplace. and, third, we've proposed a bill by senator mccaskell that would enable any american living in a bare county, a county that
7:23 am
lacks health insurers, to purchase the same insurance we get here in congress. all three of these would stabilize the markets and help to prevent premiums from going up further and coverage from decreasing. they address the actual issues in our health care system and so i've mentioned they're non-ideological and exactly the kind of legislation we could work on together. if our intent is to make things better, this is something we can come together on, all three of these proposals. they address the actual issues that we have and should be an immediate thing that we can do together. the republican approach decimating medicaid to give a tax break to the wealthy doesn't solve any of the problems republicans claim to be so worried about. >> democratic leader senator chuck schumer talking about what
7:24 am
he calls democratic efforts to fix obamacare with some outreach he says to republicans. we'll see how far that goes and whether he means it. hilary rosen, margaret hoover, errol louis, thank you for joining us and watching this alongside us. and this story we've been following, the tragic story out of minneapolis, we're learning more about the moments just before a police officer shot and killed this bride to be after she called the police for help. the latest in a live report from minneapolis, next. we check our phones 85 times a day.
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7:29 am
he's refusing to speak to state investigators. but chilling new audio is revealing more about that deadly encounter. >> female screaming behind the building. >> 530, shots fired. can we get ems code 3 washburn and 51st street? >> our scott mcclain is in minneapolis following the developments. this officer is not saying anything. >> reporter: that's right, poppy, we are starting to get more of a picture of what happened to justine ruszczyk. the problem is there's no dash cam or body cam video. the officer who pulled the trigger, mohammed noor, is refusing to tell his side of the story but we are hearing from his partner, he says the two were driving down this alleyway late saturday night with their squad car lights off when suddenly he heard a loud noise.
7:30 am
the next thing you know, justine ruse check is zczyk is at the de window, that's when mohammed noor shot her. the two attempted cpr to resuscitate her but that was, of course, unsuccessful. now, why was that shot fired? well mohammed noor's lawyer hasn't given any indication as to whether his client will ever say that publicly or will ever do an interview with investigators. thes mayor says there's nothing in the law that would force noor to talk. >> we have more information now, though it's frustrating to have some of the picture but not all of it. we cannot compel officer noor to make a statement. we can't compel him by law but i wish that he would make that statement. >> matthew herrity told investigators there may be a third witness to this incident, a younger man who happened to be
7:31 am
passing by on his bicycle. investigators obviously want to talk to him. as for that sexual assault john and poppy that justine ruszczyk was reporting, police say they canvassed this neighborhood but ultimately didn't find anything. >> scott mcclean there in minneapolis, thank you for the update. ahead. he spent nearly a decade behind bars but if things go his way, o.j. simpson could be a free man come october. what are his chances of getting paroled? that hearing is straight ahead. hi..and i know that we have phonaccident, so the incredibly minor accident that i had tonight- four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it.
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is facing scrutiny over security clearance. it's his daughter ivanka. she obtained the clearance when she accepted her unpaid job as a top presidential adviser and is now the target of some house democrats in the wake of her husband jared kushner and brother donald jr.'s failure to disclose those meetings with russian officials. >> jeremy diamond at the white house for us this morning with all the details on this. jeremy, what are you learning? >> well, congressman don bier is asking the fbi to review whether they are admissions, particularly with regards to the section that asks to disclose foreign contacts, not only ivanka's foreign contacts but her immediate family members' foreign contacts, this comes in the wake of democrats raising questions about jared kushner's security clearance after it was revealed he attended this june 2016 meeting at trump tower with a russian lawyer, somebody who
7:37 am
donald trump jr., ivanka's brother, believed to be a russian government attorney, of course. and the letter now is really calling on the fbi to ask more questions and to look into this matter. here's part of the letter "we are concerned ivanka trump may have engaged in similar deception. the high standard to which we hold public servants, particularly senior advisers to the president of the united states requires these questions be raised and promptly answered. the white house and ivanka trump's attorney have not returned cnn's request for comment. >> jeremy diamond for us at the white house. jeremy, thanks so much. so as president trump approaches his six-month mark in office, facing some bleak poll numbers at home but also overseas. >> a new study shows confidence in some of the president's policies like climate change, like the travel ban, like immigration has fallen overseas and that could be hurting the united states' image abroad.
7:38 am
our cnn international diplomatic editor nic robertson takes a look. >> reporter: wherever president trump goes, controversy seems to follow. these some of the protesters at the recent world leaders' meeting in hamburg new research explains why. the headline in the pew center study is that around the world and in europe in particular trump's policies are unpopular. in 35 of 37 countries surveyed, confidence in the u.s. president to do the right thing is down and that's dragging mechanic's overseas image down, too. take germany, host of the g20 and the protest. confidence fell a massive 75 points compared to the final years of president barack obama. other shockers include south korea, another ally, down 71 points. france, a close friend, down 70 points, canada, a neighbor, down
7:39 am
61 points and so the list goes on, the only countries to buck the downward trend are israel, up seven points, and russia, a statistical out liar, up liar. the majority of the 40,448 respondents said trump was arrogant, intolerant, dangerous, with just over half saying he is a strong leader, the white house has yesterday to respond. despite trump tanking in the global ratings, america's popularity as a nation is buoyed by its culture, its democracy, its citizens.
7:40 am
but in another blow to trump, both the presidents of russia and china were judged more likely to do the right thing on global affairs than him. nic robertson, cnn, london. >> no doubt the president and his supporters would note that he didn't run to be president of germany or france. >> there you go, america first. >> granted, his poll numbers in the united states not so great either but he's pursuing a different policy, perhaps on purpose, than would be in the interest of some of those countries overseas. 20 minutes until the hour right now. after nine years behind bars, o.j. simpson could learn his fate this week. will a parole board free the former football star? tech: when you schedule with safelite autoglass, you get time for more life. this family wanted to keep the game going. son: hey mom, one more game? tech: with safelite, you get a text when we're on our way. you can see exactly when we'll arrive. mom: sure. bring it! tech: i'm micah with safelite. mom: thanks for coming, it's right over here. tech: giving you a few more minutes for what matters most.
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811 is available to any business our or homeownerfe. to make sure that you identify where your utilities are if you are gonna do any kind of excavation no matter how small or large before you dig, call 811. keep yourself safe. o.j. simpson could soon be a free man. >> he faces a nevada parole board, the was convicted of trying to steel pieces of memorabilia. if the board decides to release him, he could be free as early as october. a ashleigh banfield is in carson
7:45 am
city, nevada. he was sentenced to nine to 33 years. he served nine, what are the chances he could walk free? >> are you sitting down? because if anybody thinks he's going to be looked up for longer in a prison in nevada you'll be sadly disappointed. i would be astounded if the commissioners walked into this building behind me in just a little over 24 hours and made a decision otherwise and there's a lot of reasons for that. he has been the model prisoner. he has not gotten one demerit or write up and if you're on the inside, that's known as impossible. over the course of nine years, to do nothing wrong. not even taken a extra sugar pact from the commissary or from the cafeteria. the guy has live sod clean inside. he's taking classes, he turned 70 last week. that's another big factor. he already got paroled on five of the 12 charges.
7:46 am
so what's not to love effectively is what a lot of people say about the hearing tomorrow. >> but ash, not a shore bet that if he does get paroled he will be able to leave the state of nevada and go home to florida, right? that's going to be up to one person and one person alone. >> leave it to poppy harlow to get to the nitty-gritty details. one of the things o.j. simpson has been saying from the inside is that he never wants to step foot in this state again. he wants out of here so fast and the reality is, his parole officer holds all the keys to his future, whether he can go the to a halfway house, whether he can apply to have his house transferred to florida, it's one guy's decision so if he has an ax to grind with o.j. for what happened in 1994 and 1995, well, poor o.j., he'll be stuck in nevada for longer than he was bargaining for. in fact, i had this opportunity to talk to one of o.j.'s guards.
7:47 am
jeffrey felix guard o.j. inside for seven years inside lovelock and then became his best friend because the warden commissioned him to keep an eye on o.j. and what was super fascinating is he said when o.j. gets paroled, if, we have plans to golf together, we have plans to get together and presume our friendship so the natural question was, but, jeffrey, if you feel as you do that he's a double murderer why would you want to be with someone like that? you have to hear how he responded. >> i can forgive people for things. o.j. deep down is a nice guy. he may have two sides to him like i said in the book. he may have the monster side and the nice side but over the seven years he treated me with respect, i never saw anything bad come out of o.j. and he is my friend and if he does get out, let's hope he gets out, we will be playing golf together in florida. >> wow. okay, so there's that. the other thing is that tonight
7:48 am
at 8:00 on my hln program "prime time justice" we'll have one of the attorneys for fred goldman. there is that nagging issue of $33 million in judgment against o.j. simpson for the responsibility of those murders back in '94 and the issue remains will they continue to go after him as doggedly as they have for the money? because you can go to florida all you want and your home is protected and your pension is protected but if yeejs wao.j. w make money and he says he's been taking a web cast, the goldmans are coming after him, they have not lost their fervor and they're going to talk to me about some of the things they already got. a lot of us don't know what the goldmans have been up to for the last 22 years. >> ashleigh, explain to me the process and what the public will
7:49 am
see. >> so you the public can see everything, you can't be a part of it. so john with berman, if you have a feeling one way or the other about o.j. simpson being locked up, you're not allowed to voice that. the only people allowed to voice can show up here, a representative of o.j., that can be either at lovelock about 100 miles away from here or they can be here. o.j. himself will be front and center so that will be a star appearance, the four commissioners out of a board of typically seven, they'll be here and if they're unanimous, that's the majority and there's no need to meet with the rest of the commissioners later. a family member of o.j. is allowed to testify as well. but the rest of us know, it's all on the record, while the deliberations of the board of four is in private, their vote will be on the record and surprisingly, it's going to happen quickly. they will meet at 10:00 local, 1:00 your time in the east. they will listen for about a half hour, peppered with questions about what's happened inside the facility for the last
7:50 am
nine years and then they'll deliberate and pretty much make their decision right away. so folks, pop your popcorn, get ready because in a little over 24 hours, you're probably going to know o.j. is going to be in your movie theater or on your web cast or golfing at a course near you. but not until the earliest, october 1. >> ashleigh banfield, you will be covering it all, thank you so much. fascinating information there. a foul ball grab, what should have been an amazing catch by chris christie, a moment of sheer joy doesn't really impress the fans at the ball game. the bleacher report is next. here's to the safety first... i think i might burst... totally immersed weekenders. whatever kind of weekender you are, there's a hilton for you.
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usually if you catch a foul ball, you get cheered, but not governor chris christie. >> every time i catch a foul ball everyone always, always cheers. >> oh, have you caught many? >> catching a foul ball isn't easy to do. last night at the mets game making a one-handed grab. christie is going to lean in with a rail next to him and make the one-handed catch with his left hand. mets fan s booed him. >> so you're allowed to make that pitch. [ boos ] >> christie hearing the boos but he found a young fan, gave him the ball, even signed it.
7:56 am
the cardinals play-by play having fun with it all saying "nice to see him get from the beach to the ballpark." of course referring to the flak christie got on the july 4 weekend on the new jersey beach that was shut down to the public. the lpga is cracking down on what their players can wear on the course and the new dress code isn't being received by many. the new rules that go into effect call for no plunging necklines, no short skirts and no racer back tank tops without a collar. players can be fined $1,000 for breaking the rules and reaction to these rules have been mixed. this amateur golfer wrote "how am i supposed to show off my muscles if i can't wear a tank top?" while others like pro christina kim agreed "i may sound like an old if you had di dud di but this is our place of business and i think players should look professional." the tour de france continuing with stage 16. to this point the riders have gone 1760 miles. you ever wonder what that does
7:57 am
to someone's leg. well, this polish rider instagramming his photo saying his legs look a little tired. guys, if my legs look like that, i hope someone calls an ambulance immediately. >> that can't be real. >> that's like a horror movie. >> that's why you shouldn't exercise. >> as berman is getting ready to go on a six-mile run. andy, thank you very much. >> have a good one. a tropical storm storm brewing and getting the attention of americans hundreds of miles away. >> but it's not the heavy winds or rain causing the frenzy, it's the name. cnn's jeanne moos explains. >> reporter: hold on to your hat, it's tropical storm don. >> here's tropical storm don. >> this is tropical storm don. pretty small. >> reporter: small? small and not organized? forecast to degenerate? is that any way to talk about
7:58 am
don? people have been reading a lot into the caribbean storm that shares the president's name. the actual storm has unleashed a tweet storm. the national weather service released this first picture of tropical storm don warning "tropical storm don has just turned into a category one covfefe." when you're a tropical storm, they let you do whatever you want. of course don the storm has no connection to donald the pet. it's all coincidental. >> well, the world meteorological organization comes up with the names and these are decided years and years before they happen. >> but this storm coincided with this donald, trump critics flipped their wigs. tropical storm don is expected to be the first storm in u.s. history to cause widespread damage in every state of the union. actually, the storm's prognosis is poor. "will dissipate within 72 hours,
7:59 am
low energy, sad." but there's an even freakier coincidence in the forecast. >> tropical storm hillary. hillary and don. >> we kid you not. while tropical storm don is weakening in the atlantic -- >> hillary is gaining a little bit of momentum in the pacific. >> the name is officially bestowed once the tropical depression becomes a tropical storm hillary was next on the official storms. one critic said "the good news is tropical storm hillary has no chance of hitting the white house." who could have imagined these two would coincide, two forces of nature and a forecast of cloudy with a chance of collusion. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> scientists with senses of humor. they say it could happen. >> it could. thank you for joining us, i'm poppy harlow. >> i'm john berman.
8:00 am
"at this hour" with kate bolduan starts right now. hello, everyone, i'm kate bolduan. the leader of the free world soon to be the leader of the free lunch for republican senators. a short time from now, president trump will be hosting republican senators at the white house to figure out what the he can they'll do next. it comes after the revised gop gop health care bill collapsed and after a very disappointed president -- his words -- says he is willing to let obamacare fail. maybe this will fix everything. the president sending out this statement earlier on twitter "the republicans never discuss how good their health care bill is and it will get even better at lunchtime. the dems scream death as obamacare dies." let's go to kaitlin collins at the white house. no laughing matter, this is life and death for many people when we're talking about health care but talk about this lunch. what are we expecting? what are you hairing? >> we're


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